Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Literary Map of Maine

Maine boasts a rich literary heritage. Authors from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to James L. Nelson call us home and Maine's literature is as diverse as the state itself. Rain and mosquitoes may drive you indoors but the magnificence of this area is still something Curtis Library can offer you. Maine's authors live here among their books. Stop in to visit with them.

The Literary Map of Maine is a partnership between the Maine Sunday Telegram and several library and humanities groups in Maine.

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James Hayman said...

My book The Cutting by James Hayman should be listed. The book is set in Portland and was written by a Maine author.

It was published by St. Martin's Press in the US and Canada, Random House in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be published by Penguin UK in all the countries of the British Commonwealth.

It received rave reviews from both the Portland Press herald and The Bangor Daily News and was an American Booksellers Association IndieNext selection.

I don't know why you chose to ignore it.