Monday, March 30, 2009

Maine Answers Tough Times

The Maine State Library has assembled the following resources to help Mainers weather the severe economic climate in which we find ourselves:

Whether it is called a recession or a depression, all of us are now facing an economic downturn that can be simply described as tough times. How we respond and what we need to make it through these tough times will differ from person to person; family to family.

More information on any or all of these topics can be found at your local public library.

Web Resources

The following links by category are designed to help you find the information or contacts needed to help. These links are primarily designed to lead you to official support services in Maine. Descriptions of the web sites are primarily from the organization's own words.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Downloading Audio Books on Dial-up?

Downloading audio books using dial-up internet is like watching paint dry. We at Curtis can shorten some of the time needed to acquire the Overdrive Media Console that controls the whole process. Some of our Full Service PCs have the Media Console file on the desktop that our users may transfer to a flash drive (a.ka thumb drive, USB drive, memory stick) and take home.