Friday, September 12, 2008

Library expands Jobs Center

Open for business on the second floor of the library, the newly expanded Jobs Center has resources for patrons with an interest in careers and jobs. New books, new resume software on the Jobs Computer and an updated Jobs Center website are some of the features.

Curtis Memorial Library has added new books on :

  • assessing job skills & interests,
  • managing careers
  • changing jobs,
  • surviving unemployment,
  • job searches,
  • writing resumes and cover letters,
  • and preparing for an interview.
There is a complete list of the new books below.

The job computer has new resume software on the jobs computer and the library's website has an updated Jobs Center web page . The Jobs Center web page is accessible 24 hours and features links to websites with:

  • List of new job and careers books
  • Career Help & Networking
  • Job Listings
  • Researching Companies
  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
  • Interview Help

For those considering entering the job market or changing careers, you will find online gems such as online career guides with job market trends and prevailing wages, online career aptitude tests, tips for social networking, and links to practice test databases (databases available to Cumberland County residents.)

For job seekers, you will find links to job listings from the state at the Maine Career Center and jobs listed in newspapers, online job banks and job megasites, such as Monster. For those between jobs, there is a link to the Maine Employment Center.

If you wish to tailor your search to a specific company or industry, there are links to help you research companies. The databases in MARVEL! : Maine’s Virtual library contain terrific information on public companies and a reference librarian can help you search the databases. If you are writing a resume or cover letters, there are online tips and samples as well as help for posting your resume online.

A nice set of interview sites tells you about correct attire, preparing for the interview, what to bring with you, sample interview questions and sample follow-up letters. No detail is too small; there are even tips on how to wait in the lobby.

Visit the Jobs Center in person, on the second floor of the library near the reference desk, or for more information call the reference desk 725-5242 x 204 or email


Occupational Aptitude / Vocational Interests

cover image JOBS 153.94 .B274 apt 2008
The aptitude test workbook : discover your potential and improve your career options with practice psychometric tests / Jim Barrett.
Kogan Page, 2008
cover image JOBS 153.94 .L767 car 2008
Career quizzes : 12 tests to help you discover and develop your dream career / John J. Liptak.
JIST Works, 2008
cover image JOBS 650.14 .H325 emp 2007
Employment personality tests decoded : includes sample and practice tests for self-assessment / by Anne Hart, with George Sheldon.
Career Press, 2007
cover image JOBS 153.94 .B274 how 2008
How to pass advanced aptitude tests : assess your potential and analyse your career options with graduate and managerial level psychometric tests / Jim Barrett.
Kogan Page Limited, 2008

Careers & Jobs

cover image JOBS 331.702 .B561 ent 2008
Best entry-level jobs.
Random House, 2004
cover image JOBS 331.702 .F239 bno 2007
175 best jobs not behind a desk / Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin.
JIST Works, 2007
cover image JOBS 331.702 .N433 coo 2007
Cool careers for dummies / by Marty Nemko foreword by Richard N. Bolles.
Wiley Pub., Inc., 2007
40 best fields for your career / Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin.
JIST Works, 2006
Civil service career starter and test prep.
LearningExpress, 2007
cover image JOBS 351.73 .G721 job 2008
Government jobs in America : jobs in U.S. States & cities and U.S. Federal agencies with job titles, salaries & pension estimates : why you want one, what jobs are available, how to get one / by the editors of Partnerships for Community.
Partnerships for Community, 2008
cover image JOBS 333.72 .L791 gre 2008
Greenjobs : a guide to eco-friendly employment / by A. Bronwyn Llewellyn, James P. Hendrix and K.C. Golden.
Adams Media Corp., 2008
cover image JOBS 331.702 .E16 mcg 2008
McGraw-Hill's careers for people on the move & other road warriors / Marjorie Eberts, Margaret Gisler.
McGraw-Hill, 2008
cover image JOBS 331.702 .B561 job 2008
150 best jobs for a better world / the editors at JIST and Laurence Shatkin.
JIST Pub., 2008
cover image JOBS 331.702 .F239 bfy 2008
150 best jobs for your skills / Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin foreword by Linda Kobylarz.
JIST Pub., Inc., 2008
cover image JOBS 650.14 .K96 tes 2008
Test-drive your dream job : a step-by-step guide to finding or creating the work you love / Brian Kurth with Robin Simons.
Business Plus, 2008
cover image JOBS 331.702 .T673 thr 2008
Top 300 careers.
JIST Works, 2006
cover image JOBS 331.702 .G854 wor 2007
Work your way around the world / Susan Griffith.
Vacation Work, 2007

Career Management/Assessing Your Career Goals

cover image JOBS 650.14 .T514 car 2007
Career management : succeeding in today's business world / Paul B Thornton.
WingSpan Press, 2007
cover image JOBS 248.88 .M169 cau 2008
Caught between a dream and a job / Delatorro McNeal.
Excel Books, 2008
cover image JOBS 650.14 .G742 cou 2008
Courting your career : match yourself with the perfect job / Shawn Graham.
JIST Works, 2008
cover image JOBS 650.14 .S628 esc 2008
Escape from corporate America : a practical guide to creating the career of your dreams / Pamela Skillings.
Ballantine Books, 2008
cover image JOBS 248.88 .M647 for 2007
48 days to the work you love / Dan Miller.
B & H Pub. Group, 2007
cover image JOBS 650.1 .R965 hit 2007
Hitting your stride : your work, your way / Nan S. Russell.
Capital Books, 2007
cover image JOBS 158.1 .S551 its 1999
It's only too late if you don't start now : how to create your second life at any age / Barbara Sher.
Dell Trade Paperback, 1999
cover image JOBS 158.1 .S551 liv 1997
Live the life you love : in ten easy step-by-step lessons / by Barbara Sher.
Dell, 1997
cover image JOBS 650.1 .A733 mar 2008
Market your potential, not your past : how to build a career that works for you regardless of what happens to you / Karen Armon.
AuthorHouse, 2008
cover image JOBS 331.702 .E93 mak 2007
Making a living while making a difference : conscious careers for an era of interdependence / Melissa Everett.
New Society Publishers, 2007
cover image JOBS 332.024 .E26 mid 2008
Middle class lifeboat : careers and life choices for navigating a changing economy / by Paul and Sarah Edwards.
Thomas Nelson, 2008
cover image JOBS 158.1 .S551 ref 2006
Refuse to choose! : a revolutionary program for doing everything that you love / Barbara Sher.
Rodale, 2006
cover image JOBS 650.14 .H643 thi 2006
Thinking about retirement? : think again! goal exploration and employment strategies for midlife and beyond / Barbara B. Hildner.
Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc, 2005
cover image JOBS 201.7 .T662 tru 1998
True work : doing what you love and loving what you do / Michael Toms and Justine Willis Toms.
Bell Tower, 1999
cover image JOBS 650.14 .B691 wha 2008
What color is your parachute? / Richard Nelson Bolles.
Ten Speed Press, 1971
JOBS 650.14 .S795 wha 2008
What do you want to be when you grow up? : a guide for adults beginning a second career / by Yvonne Starks.
AuthorHouse, 2008
Career Management/Networking
cover image
JOBS 650.14 .H249 foo 2008

A foot in the door : networking your way into the hidden job market / Katharine Hansen.
Ten Speed Press, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.13 .N675 sav 2007
Savvy networking : 118 fast & effective tips for business success / Andrea R. Nierenberg.
Capital Books, 2007
cover imageJOBS 004.678 .S261 sev 2008
Seven days to online networking : make connections to advance your career and business quickly / Ellen Sautter and Diane Crompton.
JIST Works, 2008
cover imageJOBS 004.678 .A325 imo 2008
I'm on Facebook, now what??? : how to get personal, business, and professional value from Facebook / by Jason Alba and Jesse Stay., 2008
Job Hunting Online
cover imageJOBS 025.06 .G946 toi 2008-2009
The guide to Internet job searching.
VGM Career Horizons, 1996
cover imageJOBS 025.06 .B691 job 2008
Job-hunting online : a guide to job listings, message boards, research sites, the UnderWeb, counseling, networking, self-assessment tools, niche sites / Mark Emery Bolles & Richard Nelson Bolles.
Ten Speed Press, 2008
Resumes and Cover Letters
cover imageJOBS 650.14 .K89 blu 2007
The blue collar resume and job hunting guide : secrets to getting the job you really want / Ron and Caryl Krannich.
Impact Publications, 2006
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .P662 car 2008
The career coward's guide to resumes : sensible strategies for overcoming job search fears / Katy Piotrowski.
JIST Works, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .S392 eve 2008
The everything resume book : create a winning resume that stands out from the crowd / Nancy Schuman.
Adams Media, 2008

cover imageJOBS 650.142 .E56 exp 2008
Expert resumes for people returning to work / Wendy S. Enelow and Louise M. Kursmark.
JIST Works, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .T861 fed 2007
Federal resume guidebook : strategies for writing a winning federal electronic resume, KSAs, and essays / Kathryn Kraemer Troutman.
JIST Works, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .N748 gac 2007
Gallery of best cover letters : a collection of quality cover letters by professional resume writers / David F. Noble.
JIST Works, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .N748 gar 2007
Gallery of best resumes : a collection of quality resumes by professional resume writers / by David F. Noble.
JIST Works, 2007

cover imageJOBS 650.142 .C932 how 2008
How to write better resumes and cover letters / by Pat Criscito.
Barron's Educational Series, Inc., 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .S267 mil 2007
Military-to-civilian resumes and letters / Carl S. Savino, Ronald L. Krannich.
Impact Publications, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .O58 res 2007
The only resume and cover letter book you'll ever need / [edited by Richard Walsh].
Adams Media, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .F239 qui 2008
The quick resume & cover letter book : write and use an effective resume in only one day / Michael Farr.
JIST Works, 2005
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .R436 foc 2008
Resumes for computer careers / the editors of McGraw-Hill.
McGraw-Hill, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .R436 for 2008
Resumes for re-entering the job market / the editors of McGraw-Hill.
McGraw-Hill, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .R813 res 2008
The resume handbook : how to write outstanding resumes & cover letters for every situation / Arthur D. Rosenberg.
Adams Media, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .B878 res 2007
resume writing made easy : a practical guide to resume preparation and job search / Lola Brown.
Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.144 .P662 car 2007
The career coward's guide to interviewing : sensible strategies for overcoming job search fears / Katy Piotrowski.
JIST Works, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.144 .D221 eve 2008
Everything job interview book : all you need to make a great first impression and land the perfect job / Joy Darlington and Nancy Schuman.
Adams Media, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.142 .G799 get 2008
Get the interview every time : proven strategies from Fortune 500 hiring professionals / Brenda Greene.
Kaplan Publishing, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.144 .A525 han 2007
Handling tough job interviews : be prepared, perform well, get the job / Julie-Ann Amos.
How To Books, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.144 .B635 mos 2007
The most important questions to ask on your next job interview : insider secrets you need to know / by Kendall Blair.
Atlantic Pub. Group, 2007
cover imageJOBS 650.14 .S529 wha 2008
What does somebody have to do to get a job around here! : 44 insider secrets and tips that will get you hired / by Cynthia Shapiro.
St. Martin's Griffin, 2008
cover imageJOBS 650.144 .K89 you 2008
You should hire me! : interview secrets to get the job you love / Ron and Caryl Krannich.
Impact Publications, 2008
Surviving Unemployment
cover imageJOBS 155.93 .B687 wol 2003
The wolf at the door : an unemployment survival manual / by Virginia Bola.
V. Bola, 2003
cover imageJOBS 155.93 .J83 job 2003
The job-loss recovery guide : a proven program for getting back to work--fast! / Lynn Joseph.
New Harbinger Publications, 2003
cover imageJOBS 155.93 .P371 sur 2005
Surviving unemployment : staying centered while your world turns upside down / by Valerie Pederson.
V. Pederson, 2005
cover imageJOBS 155.93 .L849 une 2005
Unemployment boot camp : tactics for surviving and thriving in the 21st century / R.A. Long.
iUniverse, 2005

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