Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Medication Collection Day Friday, June 6

Unused .... Unwanted .... Outdated

Pills - Ointments - Drops

Prescription Over-the-Counter Veterinary

All unused, unwanted, outdated pills, ointments, drops, prescription, over-the-counter, veterinary medications, in their original containers with labels, can be turned in on Friday, June 6 – 10 a.m.- 2p.m. at the following sites:
  • Mid - Coast Senior Health Center on Baribeau Drive, Brunsick,
  • The Highlands on Elm Street in Topsham,
  • Richmond Senior Center on Front St,
  • West Bath Fire Department on State Road
Please, no needles or thermometers. For more information, contact Healthline at 373-6585. Removing expired and unused medicines from the home helps prevent accidents and recent studies suggest that flushing medications may contribute to water pollution.

Medication collection is a collaborative effort of: All Area Law Enforcement Agencies, Mid Coast Hospital, Mid Coast Senior Health Center, CHANS Home Health Care, TRIAD, The Highlands, Sagadahoc EMA, Sagadahoc Health Improvement Project (SHIP), Richmond Senior Center, Sagadahoc Weed & Seed Program, Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Nursing, Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recycling your TV in Brunswick

Beginning Feb. 18, 2009, anyone who does not own a digital set and still gets their programming via over-the-air antennas will no longer receive a picture.

That's the day the television industry completes its transition from old-style analog broadcasting to digital.

Digital Conversion:
Analog TV owners may purchase a converter boxes that run between $50 and $70. Coupons for a $40 rebate are available to the first 22 million people who apply for them.

Recycling an analog TV:
Brunswick Public Works currently accepts from Brunswick residents: T.V’s computer monitors, computers, and electronic office equipment for recycling at the Graham Rd. Landfill (
open Tuesday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m.) There is not a charge to residents who drop these items off.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Library and Southern New Hampshire University Expand Business Collection

Just arrived and open for business: essential books and reference material for entrepreneurs and business students. New in the Curtis Memorial Library collection are 43 titles provided through a grant from the Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU Maine) in Brunswick. Tailored to meet the needs of both community members and students in the business programs at SNHU Maine in Brunswick, the collection includes books on human resource management, such as hiring employees, creating job descriptions and performance appraisals, the gamer generation at work and virtual teams.

Other in-depth books cover managing nonprofits, fund raising, strategic planning and marketing (including “guerrilla” marketing, marketing to the social market and marketing without advertising.) Small business titles focus on writing business plans, legal guides for starting a small business and starting limited liability and S-corporations and tax savvy guides for small businesses.

For more information about the books, call the reference desk at Curtis Memorial Library at 725-5242 x 204 or check the library catalog online at www.curtislibrary.com. See the complete list of books below. For more information about the undergraduate and graduate business classes at the Southern New Hampshire University Center Maine, call (800) 427-9238 or (207) 725-6486, see the SNHU Maine website http://www.snhu.edu/336.asp or drop in for a tour of SNHU Maine at 10 Tibbets Drive (the building adjacent to Wal-Mart) in Brunswick.

General Business and Management

The business writer's handbook / Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, Walter E. Oliu. 8th. edition. 2006. Call No. 808.0665 .A459 bus 2006

Financial intelligence : a manager's guide to knowing what the numbers really mean / Karen Berman and Joe Knight ; with John Case. 2006. Call No. 658.1511 .B516 fin 2006

Make or break : how manufacturers can leap from decline to revitalization. / Kaj Grichnik and Conrad Winkler. 2008. Call No. NEW 657.867.G846 mak 2008

Human Resource Management

Create your own employee handbook : a legal and practical guide / by Lisa Guerin & Amy DelPo. 2007. Call No. 658.301 .G932 cre 2007

Dealing with problem employees : a legal guide. 4th. edition. / by Amy DelPo and Lisa Guerin. 2007. Call No. 658.3045 .D363 dea 2007

The Employer's Legal Handbook. 8th. edition. / by Fred S. Steingold ; edited by Alayna Schroeder. Call No. 344.7301 .s822 emp 2007

The kids are alright : how the gamer generation is changing the workplace / John Beck, Mitchell Wade. 2006. Call No. 794.8 .B393 kid 2006

Group dynamics for teams / Daniel Levi. 2007 Call No. 658.4022 .L664 gro 2007

The performance appraisal handbook : legal & practical rules for managers. 2nd. edition. / by Amy DelPo. 2007. Call No.658.3125 .D363 per 2007

Mastering virtual teams : strategies, tools, and techniques that succeed / Deborah L. Duarte, Nancy Tennant Snyder. 2006. Call No.658.4.D212 mas 2006

The progressive discipline handbook : smart strategies for coaching employees / by Margie Mader-Clark and Lisa Guerin. 2007 Call No.658.14 .M181pro


Coaching, counseling & mentoring : how to choose & use the right technique to boost employee performance / Florence M. Stone. 2007. Call No. 658.2124 .S877 coa 2007

Followership : how followers are creating change and changing leaders / Barbara Kellerman.2008. Call No.NEW 302.35 .K29 fol 2008

Great communication secrets of great leaders / John Baldoni. 2003.
Call No. 658.45 .B178 gre 2003

Leading at a higher level : Blanchard on leadership and creating high performing organizations / The founding associates and consulting partners of The Ken Blanchard Companies ; with an introduction by Ken Blanchard.2007.
Call No.658.4092 .B639 lea 2007

Leading in a culture of change / Michael Fullan. 2001.
Call No. 371.2 .F965 lea 2001

Leaders on ethics : real-world perspectives on today's business challenges / edited by John C. Knapp. Call No. 174.4 .L434 eth 2007

Mentoring : a practitioners guide to touching lives / Sunil Unny Guptan.
Call No. 658.3124 .G977 men 2006

Senior leadership teams : what it takes to make them great / Ruth Wageman ... [et al.].
Call No.NEW 658.4092 .S477 lea 2008

Taking advice : how leaders get good council and use it wisely / Dan Ciampa. 2006.
Call No. 658.4092 .C565 tak 2006

The voice of authority : 10 communication strategies every leader needs to know / Dianna Booher. 2007. Call No. 658.45 .B724 voi 2007


Authenticity : what consumers really want / James H. Gilmore, B. Joseph Pine II. 2007. Call No. 658.8343 .G488 aut 2007

Boom : marketing to the ultimate power consumer--the baby boomer woman / Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn ; foreword by Paco Underhill. c2006. Call No. 658.834 .B879 boo 2006

Brand management 101 : 101 lessons from real-world marketing / Mainak Dhar. 2007.
Call No. 658.827 .D533 bra 2007

The complete idiot's guide to guerrilla marketing / by Susan Drake and Colleen Wells. 2008 Call No. NEW 658.8 .D763 com 2008

Guerrilla marketing : easy and inexpensive strategies for making big profits from your small business / Jay Conrad Levinson with Jeannie Levinson and Amy Levinson. 4th. revised edition. Call No. 658.8 .L665 gue 2007

Marketing to the social web : how digital customer communities build your business / Larry Weber. 2007. Call No. 658.87 .W374 mar 2007

Mind your x's and y's : satisfying the 10 cravings of a new generation of consumers / Lisa Johnson ; with Cheri Hanson. 2006. Call No. 658.834 .J67 min 2006

Niche envy : marketing discrimination in the digital age / Joseph Turow. 2006.
Call No. 658.834 .T957 nic 2006

Why we buy : the science of shopping / Paco Underhill. 1999.
Call No. 658.834 .U55 why 1989

Non-profit Management

Doing good even better : how to be an effective board member of a nonprofit organization / Edgar Stoesz. 2007 Call No. 658.048 .S872 doi 2007

Effective fundraising for nonprofits : real-world strategies that work / by Ilona Bray. 2008. Call No. NEW 658.15224 .B827 eff 2008

Financial management for nonprofit organizations : policies and practices / John Zietlow, Jo Ann Hankin, Alan Seidner. 2007. Call No. 658.15 .Z67 fin 2007

Fundraising for social change. 5th. edition. / Kim Klein. 2007.
Call No. 361.70681 .K64 fun 2007

How to write successful fundraising letters. 2nd. edition. / Mal Warwick. 2008
Call No. NEW 658.15224 .W311 how 2008

Keep your donors : the guide to better communications & stronger relationships / Tom Ahern, Simone Joyaux. John Wiley & Sons, c2008. NEW 658.15224 .A285 kee 2008

Nonprofit strategic planning : leveraging Sarbanes-Oxley best practices / Peggy M. Jackson. 2007. Call No. 657.98 .J13 non 2007

Starting & building a nonprofit : a practical guide / by Peri H. Pakroo. 2nd. edition. 2007. Call No.658.048.P152 sta 2007

Organizational Behavior

A primer on organizational behavior / James L. Bowditch, Anthony F. Buono, Marcus M. Stewart. 2008. Call No. NEW 658.4 .B785 pri 2008

The handbook of large group methods : creating systemic change in organizations and communities / Barbara Benedict Bunker, Billie T. Alban. c2006. Call No. 658.406 .B942 han 2006

Small Business

Accounting and finance for your small business / Steven M. Bragg and E. James Burton. 2nd. ed. 2006. Call No. 658. B813 acc 2006

Form your own limited liability company / by Anthony Mancuso ; edited by Alayna Schroeder. 5th. edition. 2007. Call No. 346.0668 .M269 for 2007

Growing local value : how to build business partnerships that strengthen your community / Laury Hammel, Gun Denhart. 2007. Call No. 658.408 H224 gro 2007

How to write a business plan. 8th. edition. / by Mike McKeever. 2007.
Call No. 658.15224 .M154 how 2007

Incorporate your business in any state / Michael Spadaccini. 2007.
Call No. 346.7306622 .S832 inc 2007

Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business / Fred S. Steingold. 2008.
Call No. NEW 346.730652 .S822 leg 2008

Limited liability company : small business start-up kit / by Daniel Sitarz. 2007.
Call No. 346.0668 .S623 lim 2007

S-corporation : small business start-up kit / by Daniel Sitarz. 2nd. edition. 2008.
Call No. NEW 346.0668 .S623 sco 2008

Small business for dummies / by Eric Tyson and Jim Schell. 3rd. edition. 2008.
Call No. NEW 658.022 .T994 sma 2008

The small business start-up kit / by Peri Pakroo ; edited by Catherine Caputo. 5th. edition. 2008 Call No. NEW 346.0652 .P152 sma 2008

Tax savvy for small business / by Frederick W. Daily. 11th. edition. 2007.
Call No. 343.73052 .D133 tax 2007

True to yourself : leading a values-based business / Mark Albion. 2006. Call No. 658.4092 .A337 tru 2006

Values-driven business : how to change the world, make money, and have fun / Ben Cohen, Mal Warwick. 2006. Call No. 658.408 .C678 val 2006

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Three-Book Night! with Baron Wormser

Baron Wormser, Maine's poet laureate from 2000 to 2005, celebrates the release of three books with a reading and book signing.

  • Scattered Chapters: New & Selected Poems
  • The Poetry Life: Ten Stories
  • The Road Washes Out in Spring (paperback edition)

Monday, May 19th
7:00 in the Morrell Meeting Room

Monday, May 05, 2008

An Evening of Emerging Poets from Maine Colleges May 5

The Theater Project in Brunswick is hosting "An Evening of Emerging Poets from Maine Colleges," a poetry reading to celebrate Bowdoin, Bates and Colby student poets Monday, May 5, 2008, from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Student participants were picked by the English and creative writing faculty at each college and will read their own works.

Gemma Leghorn '10
Jake Murray '08
Ed Gottfried '11

Laura Burns '08
Jamie Lynch '08
Cem Kurtulus '08

Erin Gallery '08
Paige Clunie '08
Maya Klauber '08

The event will be hosted by Matt O'Donnell, associate editor of Bowdoin magazine, and editor and executive director of From the Fishouse, a non-profit online audio literary journal.

The Theater Project is located at 14 School Street in Brunswick, Maine. Admission is free; donations are accepted. Call 207-725-8584 for more information.