Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Voyages: A Maine Franco-American Reader brown-bag lunch

Voyages: A Maine Franco-American Reader
Wednesday, March 19
Noon to 2:00
Morrell Meeting Room

Join authors Denis Ledoux, Linda Pervier and Susann Pelletier for a Brown-Bag lunch presentation and booksigning for Voyages.

Dozens of voices celebrate—in essays, stories, plays, poetry, songs, and art—the Franco-American and Acadian experience in Maine. They explore subjects as diverse as Quebec-Maine frontier history, immigrant drama, work, genealogy, discrimination, women, community affairs, religion, archeology, politics, literature, language, and humor. The voices, themselves, are equally diverse, including Norman Beaupré, Michael Michaud, Ross and Judy Paradis, Susann Pelletier, John Martin, Béatrice Craig, Michael Parent, Linda Pervier, Alaric Faulkner, Ray Levasseur, Yves Frenette, Paul Paré, Yvon Labbé, Rev. Clement Thibodeau, Bob Chenard, Denis Ledoux, Josée Vachon, Greg Chabot, Jean-Paul Poulain, Stewart Doty, Rhea Côté Robbins, and many others. This is a rich resource and an engaging read, one that will resonate with many.

"...a rich, lively, cross-grained treasure of a book that everyone interested in the history of our region should explore. Almost 70 writers were enlisted in this effort, which proves a good thing in this instance. The authors do not come to the same conclusions, with some frequency, and this, from the cultural historian's vantage, is an extremely healthy sign.... History is an amazing and tricky thing, and Voyages takes us further than we have gone before." —William David Barry, Maine Sunday Telegram