Friday, December 07, 2007

Book Browsing for Agoraphobes

Would you like to see what new titles the library has purchased without having to subject yourself to:
  • winter driving?
  • slippery walking?
  • airborne diseases?
  • warm public places?
  • cold public places?
  • cheerful people?
  • crabby people?
  • people?
Our new fiction titles are on our web page arranged (as they are in the library) by Author.

Our new non-fiction books are arranged (as they are upstairs at the library) by Dewey number.

000-099 News, Internet, Museums & Magazines

100-199 Psychology, Witch Trials & Philosophy

200-299 Religion & Mythology

300-399 Education, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Social Sciences

400-499 Language

500-599 Sciences & Mathematics

600-699 Technology, Health & Cooking

700-799 Arts, Sports & Recreation

800-899 Literature

900-999 Geography, History & Travel

Call us at 725-5242 and we'll set a copy aside for you. Send a friend to pick it up.

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