Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do schools assign too much homework?

CQ Researcher examines Students Under Stress. Should students be pushed harder? Do they socialize more than study? How do the stresses of low-income students affect them? How are our students doing compared to the rest of the world?

For a full discussion of the issue we recommend you read the July 13 issue of CQ Researcher, Students Under Stress: Do schools assign too much homework? (available in the reference area of the library.)

CQ Researcher has been reporting on issues in the news for 80 years. Reports are available on a full range of political and social issues. Find it in CML Adult Reference 070.4 or ask for it at the Reference Desk.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Free Kazakh film Friday, July 27

The Maine Humanities Council and
Kazakh Film Scholar Jane Knox-Voina Present

"KEK" (Revenge)
(2006) (84 min)

Directed by Damir Manabay

Presented by Professor Jane Knox-Voina

7:00 p.m. Friday July 27 at Curtis Memorial Library

In this historical action epic, director Damir Manabaev combines a Romeo and Juliet-like love story with the more specifically Kazakh or Central Asian story of the “mankurt.” According to this legend or tradition, enemy tribes invade and take young prisoners captive, their memories painfully wiped out to better make them mindless slaves. But perhaps the scent of a loved one or the sound of a melody from childhood is so deep that it might stir up that precious memory. "KEK," spectacularly set in the rugged, mountainous landscape of Kazakhstan, is a powerful drama that may also be a metaphor for the collective amnesia of a people who have lost connection and continuity with their ancient past.

For more information about the screenings or the director, Damir
Manabay, please contact Jane Knox-Voina, Russian Department, Bowdoin College, 207-725-3355 or 207-779-4763,

Monday, July 16, 2007

Free Word Processing Program from Google

Until now, many library computer users who have needed to use word processing programs have discovered that they needed to sign in to use the few library machines that are full PCs. Google Docs has made that unnecessary. Now any computer user may have access to word processing, spreadsheet programs and more through Google's free Docs & Spreadsheets. Access your files from any computer. Share files with any designated user. Publish your files as web pages. Read more about Google Docs & Spreadsheets.