Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pedometer Kits Now Available at the Library


Once the summer weather arrives, all of us will increase our activity and enjoy the great outdoors. Counting steps is a good way for adults and children to increase activity, improve mental health and social well-being.

The Community Health Information Partnership (CHIP) of Curtis Memorial Library, Parkview Adventist Medical Center and Mid Coast Hospital has pedometers for the public to borrow, and people can see for themselves how far they walk in a day -- then increase that distance to improve their health. Remember to check with your physician before starting a step-counting program or any exercise program.

Twenty-five pedometers and informational brochures are available to library cardholders for three-week check-out from Curtis Memorial Library. Each pedometer is only half the size of the smallest cell phone and keeps track of your steps to the kitchen, as well as your walk around the block. Every step counts!

Instructions for using the pedometers, ideas for a step-counting program, and tips for safe walking are included with the pedometer. Information is provided in cooperation with Maine in Motion, the Pedometer Project. This is a program of the Maine Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, Health, and Wellness. Pedometers and materials for the CHIP pedometer kits are provided by Parkview Adventist Medical Center and Mid Coast Hospital.

For more information online, visit the CHIP site,, and click on “health highlights”. Copies of the brochure are available online at Maine in Motion, and click on Maine in Motion, the Pedometer Project.

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