Saturday, April 29, 2006

Attention Gamers!

On Friday May 5, from 3 - 6pm, the library is hosting a Super Smash Brothers Melee Gaming Afternoon in the Morrell Meeting Room.

Two Gamecubes, eight controllers, two big screens, free chips and drinks, no registration required, everyone gets a turn, comfy chairs. What more could you want? Yeah, ok, a less annoying soundtrack to the game. But hey, did I mention it was free?

The game is rated T for teen but if you are, um, an older gamer who remembers when Mario first appeared in a Nintendo system in, err, 1985, you are welcome to play too. I'll be there.

And we'll be having these events pretty regularly. ALl we need is a good name (Teen Gaming Afternoon just doesn't have quite the ring to it), and input on what Gamecube games to play. So email Melissa

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